Mac OS Experiments

Container & Metaphor

Watching a window minimization play out in real time completes a logic that we understand. As a still image, its movement is ambiguous. It’s a container, but has semantic meaning on its own–it connotes a particular brand & lifestyle, and the idea of a desktop interface. A simple way to explore how narrative might be controlled in the desktop space is through visual metaphor. This might not interrupt or question its value system, but offers new connotations. A sunset, a closing fist, or a demolition shift the focus from mechanics to narrative structure.


Layering windows allows for more richness and complexity. There is an implication of depth, and that we are not seeing all that’s there. Multiple perspectives are obscured, the opposite of a parallax. There is tension between the flatness of the screen and the piling of images. Layers can only be added or subtracted. This work is where I began to understand how image construction through the OS could be used to subvert its narrative.